Judith Secanell | Special Full Moon Yoga Class -Beach BCN
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Special Full Moon Yoga Class -Beach BCN

Special Full Moon Yoga Class -Beach BCN

Morethanyogabcn Presents : Special Full Moon Yoga class on the beach –Barcelona


Most everyone who’s ever stepped on a yoga mat has heard of Sun Salutations (Surya Namaskar). But not everyone is familiar with the sequence known as Moon Salutation (Chandra Namaskar). The moon salutation sequence offers a soothing alternative to the warming and energizing Surya Namaskar. It honors the quiet yin energy in all of us and creates a perfect counter balance to our non-stop overactive lifestyles.

Moon Salutations can be practiced any time you’re looking to access and cultivate the nurturing, creative and sensual side of your nature, or to cool the heat of pitta. Like Surya Namaskar, they can serve as a practice in themselves for times when you need to connect with your intuition. Practice Moon Salutations with a mind to turning your attention inward and listen for what your heart (or the moon) has to say!



We will wait you at 7:30pm April 30th

Donation Class

Espigón del Bogatell (Left Side )

Bring your own Mat and let´s dance under the full moon light 😉


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