Judith Secanell | YOGA
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Judith’s Vinyasa and dynamic Yoga classes are fluid and rhythmic, energetic and intense, soft and loving, she suggest sequences from less to more, which prepare the body to enter into a deep connection between breathing and movement, between body and mind. We work from feet and hands, legs and arms, to integrate and strengthen the muscular and energetic chains that connect with the center of the body.
During her sessions, Judith offers individual help; she encourages each practitioner to explore her own potential and rediscover strength, flexibility, space and inner balance.


My aim and intention for my students and teaching is simple: To revel in the Magic of Yoga and soak up all of its truly amazing benefits.


Breathe, Recharge, Relax an experience of Pure Nature!


Festivals where I teach.


Why Private Yoga Instruction?

Regardless of level of experience, age, or physical ability, private lessons provide a comfortable and safe environment to address your individual goals and needs. In a private session I will work with you one-on-one to explore yoga in a way that will transform the way you practice yoga. I will select postures that meet your specific needs. I will offer hands on adjustments to ensure that you develop a safe and beneficial yoga practice. Private sessions also allow you to explore specific areas of interest and learn to overcome any fears or misconceptions that might be holding you back.