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Yoga has given to me new found awareness and connection with my body, mind and spirit and it is this awareness and connection that i want to share and pass on to the students.

I believe that it is important to live a life full of passion and love and sense of humor and my classes are bursting full of this. With humor and creative sequencing , my classes explore tha efficiency of movement from pose to pose, focused on alignment, breath and interesting techniques.


After finishing school I started acting debut in theatre as an actor performing various works primarily in Spain. I  continued my way to participate in TV shows and independent films  where i keep working nonstop in this industry wich makes me feel  full of energy to live. Years later during i was studing in the University i started to work like assistant of a casting director for a commercials and Spots and Print.  I worked with several Talented Directors of Casting.

As an actor you have to be and Athelete emotionally and physically. Yoga offers a way to open our physical and emotional. Tensions can sometimes suffer emotional block and artistic impulses. Yoga  and Meditation helps to release them.


I teach Yoga to everyone; From professional athletes, to pregnant women, to absolut beginners, all races, ages and religions adapting the practice to the individual´s needs and ability.

I have been teaching since 2010.

I believe each class and each pose is an opportunity for us to create more intimacy with ourselves and more honestly in our lives, helping us cleanse our mind and body.

“Do your practice, and all is coming…”

K. Pattabhi Joies

Something about me

When i am not on the stage or in front of the camara i am on the mat doing yoga and getting and extra-balance that i need.
For many years to come i travelled all over the world learning as much as i could from complementary and holistic yoga practice in order to create an integrated feeling of well being not just in the body but in the mind and with the spirit.

What my students say